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Studio/Live Session Work

Whether you’re a major act or an unsigned, self-produced musician, your project and sound are unique. Hence, you’ll need unique sounds, not just a standard library of presets used by hundreds of other producers. 


Diego’s aim as a musician, producer, and sound designer is to create sounds and musical parts that complement and serve your song, and your song only. With over 27 years of musicianship, 15 years of sound design, hundreds of shows around the globe, and dozens of records under his belt, you can rest assured that Diego will create sounds and musical parts that are tailored to your musical vision.


If you’re in need of someone to translate your musical project from studio to stage, keyboard production/sound design for your music, or just a guest solo, fill in the contact form below to introduce Diego to your project and to inquire about his specific services.


"Diego presented himself to me in a way that one can only wish for as a musician with a strong vision: He proposed learning my work accurately and precisely so that I could simply walk into a scenario with him and start performing. His attention to detail and his skill in terms of sound design made the transition from performing with tracks, to performing with a player, seamless and exhilarating. I highly recommend him for any gig or recording."


- Devin Townsend

Get Diego on Your Project

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