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TEMIC: my new band featuring Eric Gillette, Simen Sandnes, and Fredrik Bergersen Klemp


TEMIC: a new home.

Over the past few years, my heart and mind have been consumed by a dream: the dream of a new musical home. Just like building a real home, careful planning is required, hard work is a must, motivation is the foundation, and hope brings the structure to life. Lots of time and effort are required before the real fun can begin, before you can open the doors to your loved ones and proudly welcome them in. Today, the doors have opened, and TEMIC’s story is revealed. Our first single, "Count Your Losses," marks the start of our journey with all of you. And we couldn’t be happier to extend our arms and welcome you into our new home.

TEMIC has released 3 singles, with the full debut album Terror Management Theory coming out November 17, 2023, via Season of Mist.


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